Afternoon of snow? Let's make a blanket!

I saw this really cute fabric at Joanns the other day and thought to myself "I would really like to make a blanket out of that!" So I found myself buying fleece for the backing, blanket binding to finish off the sides, and a resolve follow through with the finishing it. So here are the results. I didn't want to tie it with yarn, so I've just been tacking the blanket together with my handy decorative stitches on my machine. Other than some crazy sewing in the corners (to get the corners to stay mitered) and some off-centered stitching on the binding, I think it turned out pretty good for me just making it up on a whim.

Now if only I could finish this little number....Remember how I had big plans to make this fabric into a baby blanket? Yea, I've gotten as far as sewing the strips together and that's about it. If you would to see a great example of what it should look like, I will direct to my friend Holly! She actually finished the quilt.

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Megan said...

I LOVE your blanket! It is so cute! And I love the second picture of all that fabric..I need some paper in those same prints!