Silhouette helps

I keeping finding more uses for my Silhouette. But I wanted to share the things I've realized while I've been creating:

1. If you want to print your design (like as a preview before you make something), make sure you've gone into Output Settings and chosen "Print Cut Lines." I don't know how many times I've messed this up...so I'm telling everyone I know!

2. If need to change the document size, you can specify the size in Document Settings under the Edit menu. I didn't know you could do this until I found out the hard way when I was trying to cut vinyl and heat transfer paper and my letters got cut off. I probably missed that somewhere in the tutorial help...so this is my help to others. You can also save the User Settings so you don't have to mess with it every time.

3. Sometimes when my paper hasn't been sticking to the carrier sheet and a piece gets caught in the machine, it makes this awful noise. Usually I just quickly turn it off. Does anyone else have a better suggestion on how to not let this happen?

4. Also, I cheat and use tape to stick down stuff on my carrier sheet. Seems like it loses it's stickiness quite fast. I'm cheap...what can I say?

Does anyone else have some tips they would like to share? Please do!

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