Blueberry Struesal Cobbler (as seen on Craftoholics Anonymous)

So I borrowed this recipe from Linda over at Craftoholics Anonymous...

I'll let you know how it turns out seeing as I had to use a substitute for sweetened condensed milk (we had none). For some reason, I have 10 cans of evaporated milk. Why you ask? I'm sure I had big plans for it...but they have since been forgotten. Also, I had to use half fresh blueberries and half canned. I thought I had enough fresh to make it, but my daughter and I have been eating blueberries as a snack as of late.

I also pulled out my Ready-Quick mix (which is fabulous for just about everything!) to use as the baking/biscuit mix. I really hope it tastes as good as it smells right now! Thanks, Linda!

PS I just had some with vanilla frozen yogurt...really really yummy.

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Megan said...

It looks DELISH! And I love the Craftaholics Anon website. I subscribe all the time and love her tutorials!