1.1.11: Goals

Happy New Year!

I'm trying to get my post in before the day is over!

I was reflecting back on my goals from 2010 and I remembered I was inspired last year to write them down because of this: 

2010 Goals
1. Be positive
2. Make some new friends
3. Finish projects I've already started
4. Be a better wife and mother
5. Say "I love you" and mean it
6. Enjoy the every day, simple things in life
7. Trust myself more
8. Get organized
9. Play just as hard as I work
10. Learn to express myself more clearly.

I am happy to say I accomplished all of these goals this past year. I am amazed! I usually have such a hard time with keeping goals. I guess writing it down really helped me this past year.

2010 was a difficult, but great year. I have made leaps and bounds with feeling better about myself (If you didn't know I was struggling with that, now you know!). I've also had the opportunity to meet and reconnect with a lot of amazing women through blogging, facebook, and email. This has helped me to step out of my comfort zone. I'm usually a quiet person so I feel grateful that technology allows me to communicate with others that share the same interests as me.

I wanted to sit down and write more goals down for this year, but haven't had time to really think about it yet. When I do, I'll be sure to get it up here. 

Hope you all have a happy, healthy 2011! Cheers.

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