A {hurricane} weekend

We survived! It turned out to be a low key weekend. Instead of spending it at the beach as planned, we spent a lot of time indoors. I was kind of bummed because the beach is so much more appealing than 12 hours of constant rain. This happened to be the first hurricane I've ever been through. Luckily, it pays to have a husband who grew with hurricanes. He had us prepared about 2 days in advance - filled up the gas tanks, got out the 72 hour kits, filled the bathtub up with extra water, got us a few gallons of milk, and turned the fridge/freezer temps down just in case more trees fell on the power lines - so we could avoid the rush...which inevitably was going to happen. Lucky for us, Irene was downgraded to a Category 1 storm by the time it hit us. This meant a lot of rain, some strong winds, a few broken branches, and some minor flooding in our car (it already leaks...we just can't figure out where). We feel very blessed that many people were praying for our safety. It really only rained for about 12 hours and we only lost power for about 3 hours. All in all, I feel like I can do this again...maybe not for a while.

I didn't take any pictures other than our neighbor leaving her windows open during the rain storm...I guess she likes the fresh air and 40 mph winds coming into her house :)

Here's what it looked like:
It was a pretty massive storm. I think it was about 497 miles wide!

A friend of mine took these pictures from Walmart. If you needed any flashlights, water, or batteries...it wasn't happening after Friday.  Good news is we were plenty prepared. :)

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Hi girlie!!
I think I'm back to blogging. Its been a rough and tiresome summer. However I am certainly lookig forward to the Fall--as you know it's just amazing in these parts.
Yes, that Hurricane--it's not to be taken lightly. I went thru Hurricane Izzy, the after math was far worse. Now ater, no electricity---etc. You know, the stress of just getting readyy for one!!!
I'm glad you and your family were safe!!!