A {grateful} month: Day 11

Nov 14 - Today I'm grateful for peaceful moments to myself. I say this, but I didn't get really get one today. It got me thinking I need to make sure I'm taking time out for these moments. This means shutting off the computer, TV, the iPhone, the stress, the 2 year old requests, etc, etc. I was just thinking I need to make more time for spiritual stuff and wouldn't you know? Rhonna is holding a lite version of the 21 day challenge. I decided I better try to make a habit of taking quiet peaceful moments. So...I'm going to be doing that from now until December 4th. I feel like this will help me focus. I don't know how I'm going to document this yet. I figure if I can get it written down on my blog that is better than nothing right? Join in if you get some time!

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