Day 18

Day 18

Richard G. Scott 
This is so true. We can't give up on ourselves because one day got a little tough. We have to be consistent. BE BE BE!
I'm starting to realize I'm kind of sad that the days are almost up. I'm hoping I can at least continue on until the end of the year. Enjoy today! Only 3 more days until Turkey day.


Nancy W said...

LOVE everything you have created for this challenge!! And not sure if I told you that our Spark videos should be in the mail to us this week hopefully :)


Oh this layout is super nice!
Yes, yes - saw I won-- so thrilled!! That's amazing- I love that stamp set- I'm not a digital expert like you!!!
You are so brave, takingv this challenge out till the end of the year. I have to say I enjoyed it- but struggled with letting people know how -I felt- I didn't want anyone to feel sorry fcor me and my pain-hehe- just be be be- that's right girl- that's all we can do.