Day 6


Do you know your worth? I know that I have a husband and a daughter who value my time with them. I know that I am of great worth because of the number of people in my family and of my friends who love and support me. Each of us is worth something to our Heavenly Father as well. I know when times get tough it's hard to remember that, but He is with us. 

Rhonna shared this quote:

Just think...we all have the power to do good in our own way. This doesn't mean you have to be "crafty" "creative" or "good at everything." It means a smile at someone, a phone call to a friend in need, making a happy home for our children. Simple simple things. Chin up, people! We have the power to do great things. 



Hi Lindzie,
I came over from Nancy's blog. But I remember your name from facebook! I'm also playing along with Rhonna's 21 days. I've been posting to my blog and FB. You are exactly right. We are of great worth to many people, especially our families!! Hangin there with this challenge!!
PS..I see that you are in VA..me too!! I live in Stafford..but work in the District. How about you?
Best wishes

NancyJones said...

HI THERE I am also doing Rhonnas Challenge! Great job keeping up! Im a little behind. but.. am catching up! YES YOU ARE SO RIGHT we are so worthy! much more than we give ourselves credit for!! Keep it up your doing an awesome job with this!