Day 19

Day 19


Today made me reflect on what my dreams are...I used to have many, but have since fulfilled many of them. I now have new dreams...like become a great creative person that can inspire others. Is is working yet?? I hope so...I hope I've inspired someone out there. 

Another one of my dreams? To play the piano without mistakes in front of a large crowd. I'm a little rusty and would need a piano and a ton of practice. But seriously, any time I listen to classical piano music, it makes me wish I could play like that. It's the way they put their heart into with different time changes, pauses, and holds. Makes me kind of teary-eyed. My specialty right now...Hymns, Primary songs, and some intermediate music. I am no Chopin, David Lanz, or of the like. I've had this one piece of music that is a beautiful arrangement of Hark! The Herald Angel Sings. I pull in out every year and try to play through it once. I have skip a whole section in the middle, but I LOVE it. One day...I will be better at the piano. :) Until then if you need a mediocre pianist, I'm your gal! 

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