Day 8


Rhonna's advice:

"Do NOT give in to those little demons...choose to turn it around.
The power comes from within YOU!
focus outward...& you will be blessed inward.
attitude of gratitude, friends.
It works!"
Will you choose to be hard on yourself and turn inward or use your talents to help lift those around you and turn outward?

I'm hoping I am choosing to be more  of the "outward" type and trying to bring people up around me instead of bring people down.


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Hi Lindzie,

Love the page--that pointy finger is one of my favorites in the digital bunch.
My hubs will be gone until right before X-mas. He isn't in the service anymore, but a federal employee. This fact doesn't help me feel better though..because in this capacity he can't carry a weapon---but he still draws danger pay---see my point!!!
I'm hanging in there, but just barely today. I'll kept the spirits up if anything else. How are you doing? How the weekend? Hope good.